Monday, January 5, 2009

Director's Note:

I am James Tucker and this is the first day of my blog about our film The Showgirl. I have recently started focusing most of my energy on creating theatrical “web series” for the Internet. I’ve directed a number of new web series last year and I plan to direct and produce even more this year.

The Showgirl, is the first Internet based, feature length film that I am directing. I wrote this script a number of years ago for a small LA distributor called Bella Vista Pictures. I directed and wrote three feature films for Bella Vista, all have been distributed and can, with a lot of hunting, be found across the web or in mom and pop video stores across the country and in south America.

But what is unique about the project is that the DVD’s for The Showgirl will be available only on the Internet. I wrote the trailer a few weeks ago and I started creating the storyboard for the trailer last week.

I am still creating all the characters and the locations but I thought that I would start the blog now and continue as we move forward. So here’s the first pass on scene one of the trailer, more to come..

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