Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Producer's Note

About our blog: Whether it's a product or a cool new initiative our film "The Showgirl Movie" can cover it! Our marketing team will conquer it..

We started blogging to build a network of filmmakers, producers, directors, actors, investors and entertainment business. This blog will cover topics of productions jobs, product placement, frame by frame producers, pay by play and other unique info... :)

Welcome to the Interactive Movie Studio.. LAC FILMS STUDIOS

Talent Update!! Casting for "The Showgirl Movie" has came to halt. We will continue after getting intent letters from lead talent to confirm roles have been cast..

Other Token: Taking on this project has me on my feet.. I have been spending lots of time scripting our affiliate program software. This program is needed for investors, sponsors, producers, and fans. They are the back bone to our film.. WM Ray Verduzco

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